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To celebrate the Grizzlies second straight trip to the playoffs!


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Tony Allen=Memphis Ambassador   Leave a comment

Tony Allen gets some much deserved credit for this gritty play, importance to the Grizzlies’ organization and his hilarious, nonsensical tweets from True Hoop blog:

Tony Allen, Memphis Grizzlies

Hilarious video for Grizz fans   Leave a comment

State Farm Fables of Fandom: Memphis Grizzlies commercial

Best Grizz Video Ever   Leave a comment

In honor of the Grizzlies game tonight against the Raptors in Toronto.

Tony Allen’s Awesome Dunk   Leave a comment

Tony Allen throws down a Grizztastic dunk over Josh Smith during the Grizzlies, Hawks game on Feb. 2, 2012.

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10 Grizz Reasons the Lockout Needed to End   Leave a comment

Updated NBA maps with the Grizzlies regular season and playoff record against every NBA team and in every NBA arena.

To end my self-imposed lockout from blogging, here is a post about my post-lockout joy:   

1) To stop my ever-present Grizzlies related dreams/nightmares. Most of them were about the lockout ending, which was quite unpleasant when I would wake up to the continued lockout (that is until last Saturday morning). However, my dreams have also taken a scary turn and now are about Grizzlies players (mostly Marc Gasol) getting traded.

2)  So I will stop re-watching Grizzlies playoff videos on YouTube and almost crying. I hope I’m not the only one in Memphis still doing this, specifically this one.

3)  So I can have a legitimate reason to decorate my office with Grizzlies paraphernalia without getting crazy looks from my coworkers.

4)  So I can again enjoy an overpriced beer and bucket of popcorn. These are the simple joys of a Grizzlies game.

5)  To see the progress of Rudy Gay and Xavier Henry and how they will fit back into the rotation. After the triple-overtime loss to the Thunder, I am always in favor of more offensive weapons that can stretch opposing defenses.

6) To see the FedEx Forum sell out repeatedly during the regular season and our attendance ascend to the top half of the NBA. Opposing/bandwagon Lakers, Heat and other bandwagon fans don’t count as attendees in my book.

7) So I can start blogging about Grizzlies again and focus on the team and its game rather than the bureaucracy and money issues associated with the lockout.

8) To continue my long-standing and delusional crush on Marc Gasol. It was once a crush on Pau Gasol, but that crush died forever the day he put on a Laker jersey. So my Gasol crush is now completely focused on the younger Gasol brother.

9) To see the rematch between the Grizzlies and the Thunder. The Thunder will continue their reign as the league and ESPN darlings, while those same announcers will wonder if the Grizzlies playoff run was just a fluke (if you watched the Grizzlies during the second half of the season you know it wasn’t) or if they are better without Gay (which beyond idiotic). The talk is nothing the Grizzlies beating the Thunder (on Christmas Day…hint, hint NBA) handily won’t fix, plus the Grizzlies relish the underdog status.

10) After seven long months, just being able to watch the Grizzlies again and see what the team that surprised the entire NBA during the playoffs, plus the return of Gay, can become with the city behind them and a talented, cohesive roster.

Grizz players, fans have bittersweat ending to magical season   Leave a comment

Awesome and emotional recap of the Grizzlies’ 2011 playoff run

The Grizzlies season ended following a hard-fought and painful game seven loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Grizzlies as the road team going into a hostile arena and as the eighth seed were the massive underdogs for the final game of the series.

The game itself wasn’t as close as many Grizzlies fans expected but those same fans won’t look at the final score of game seven to define the Grizzlies season or their truly special playoff run.

Before the playoffs began no one outside of Charles Barkley believed the Grizzlies would get out of the first round. Even many hardcore Grizzlies fans limited their expectations to one or two wins.

But the Grizzlies‘ players were not satisfied with getting the 0-12 playoff record monkey off their backs. After they stole game one in San Antonio behind clutch play and solid defense, everything changed.

The Grizzlies were not going to be a one-trick pony that many experts expected. Following their game one victory, the Grizzlies held down their home court and finished the Spurs off in six games.

The atmosphere in the arena and on Beale Street was truly special following each of the Grizzlies playoff wins. The city and the national press finally began to believe in this team.

Each time the Grizzlies lost the momentum they got it back, each time the Spurs believed the young team would choke, they didn’t.

In game one and three the Grizzlies lost fourth quarter leads to the Spurs, only to call a timeout which was followed by a clutch three-point shot from the most likely (or unlikely) of suspects.

Shane Battier, the player who personified the Grizzlies franchise in the beginning years delivered the game one victory.

Zach Randolph the player who personifies a city of hard workers and Memphis as a place for second chances delivered wins in game three and game six.

Even as the Grizzlies held a 3-1 series lead on the Spurs and dominated three out of four games, sports journalists everywhere believed the Spurs would come back.

But it wouldn’t be Memphis basketball if there wasn’t that us against the world mentality that served to bond the city and the team.

Following the heartbreaking game five overtime loss the Grizzlies responded by wrapping up the series on their home court to the delight of the entire city.

The Grizzlies showed the same resiliency during their conference semifinal match-up against the Oklahoma City, Thunder. After winning game six late Friday night, the Grizzlies traveled to Oklahoma City for a noon game one match-up the following Sunday.

The Grizzlies again stole game one on the opponent’s home court. After the Thunder tied the series at 1-1 the Grizzlies returned home and once again illustrated what type of team they have become.

This team came back from a 16-point third quarter deficit and 11-point deficit with less than eight minutes left in the game. The Grizzlies forced the game into overtime and than once again out-performed a team with more playoff experience.

Although the Grizzlies lost the next two games, they bounced back and won game six at home.

Grizzlies’ fans were able to experience the thrill of a playoff victory one more time. The players once again showed their “never say die attitude” and survived to play the first game seven of the 2011 playoffs.

When perennial winners such as the Lakers and the Celtics sat at home watching the playoffs, the Grizzlies were still playing.

That fact in itself shows how far the Grizzlies have come and how different the NBA landscape has become.

Although the Grizzlies didn’t win game seven to continue their Cinderella story,  fans and players can take many positives away from the Grizzlies series with the Thunder.

The Grizzlies came within a couple bounces of the basketball from the Conference Finals. If the Grizzlies had pulled out a victory in the epic game four triple overtime thriller, they would have won the series.

The Grizzlies took a team with two All-Star players including the NBA’s leading scorer, Kevin Durant, to seven games without their second leading scorer Rudy Gay.

This playoff run represents just the beginning for this young and upcoming team who has all of its primary pieces (other than Marc Gasol who is a restricted free agent) resigned through the 2011-2012 season.

After the Grizzlies’ gutsy and inspired playoff run, the entire city believes in this team and its potential. For Grizzlies fans and players, the fun of playoff victories has just begun.

Memphis fans greet their team as they return from game seven in Oklahoma City.

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